Learning and Innovation

Creativity and Sustainability

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I work with people who are keen to develop their learning; with leaders, who would like to lead better; as well as with teams who wish to become more effective and to find more productive and sustainable ways of working.

I offer individual coaching or organisational consulting. I conduct ethnographic work in organisations and academic settings (courses, degrees, labs, research teams or networks). I identify current areas for development and provide an insight into them. I then propose a development strategy. I also evaluate student or researcher experience and possibilities for personal and professional development. My specific areas of expertise include:

  • mapping one’s strengths and the best possible professional or academic areas for applying these strengths;
  • enhancing interdisciplinarity and creativity;
  • strengthening academic collaborations;
  • developing effective leadership;
  • embracing novel ways of working.

I also evaluate ways of learning and offer solutions for personal and professional development of individuals – children, young adults and grown ups.

Innovating ways of learning and coaching learners

I am also passionate about learning – I see learning as a relational activity – people learn within and through the relationships, in which they are embedded. I am particularly interested in the wide variety of learning approaches (in particular, home-education) and styles, including neurodiverse ways of learning. I have been: teaching in academia all my life and since 2004 – at the University of Oxford; I have conducted research on learning at the University of Oxford at the Department of Education, and I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK. I have researched interdisciplinary scientific learning, creativity and pedagogies for innovation at the University of Oxford and other leading scientific institutions in the UK and abroad – with the aim to develop more effective pedagogic strategies for collaborative research and innovation. I also co-founded the Journal Teaching Anthropology, now a journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, to open such discussions in anthropology; and I summarised my ideas about the importance of emotions in learning and research here: https://www.teachinganthropology.org/ojs/index.php/teach_anth/article/view/301

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