Trauma and Systemic Constellations Work (SCW)


We will begin by getting to know each other and the situation at hand. What is the problem? I work with personal and with organisational challenges. Often, they are intertwined but we can stick to one of them. Sometimes, very little needs to be known before we find a solution – we can simply work in the present, analyse the current challenge, and explore your options. Other times, we may need to delve into the past to explore some additional sources of the problem. Then, we move forward again, towards healing or resolution.

We will chart together an effective way of working towards your goals and we will update it regularly. We will start from the present and we will decide together if and how we need to return to the past.

Taking your lead, I would make suggestions informed by the extensive theories and experience, in which I ground my work. Initially, it might feel that we stand at the foot of a steep mountain – hard to climb. But very soon, it will feel easier, familiar and empowering.

Working Through
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As we work through your current challenge or a past burden, we might go through certain hurdles – the road is not always simple and easy but we will work together for it to be fruitful and safe, and it will include insight, learning and growth.

On a personal level, we will find out how to resolve burdensome or even toxic situations, relationships and entanglements. If we work with trauma, we will focus both on the psychological and somatic techniques of accessing and healing it.

We will learn together and we will begin to practice what is possible right now. Sometimes, we will make huge leaps, and, other times, we might work patiently and slowly, with much care, taking one gentle step at a time. In any case, you will see tangible results from our work.

Thriving and Growth
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How far do we go? As soon as we reach our goals, we will end our work. Contrary to popular belief, a lot can be achieved in just a few sessions, when the right stance, methods and strategies are employed. However, taking your lead, we can also work longterm or until a sustainable result is achieved. If you are working on your personal issue, we will arrive at a point, where you integrate important insights and you build bridges towards others and within yourself, or you move away from painful entanglements. In an organisational setting, we achieve our set goals to our deadline and meet our objectives.

Depending on the approach we have taken, and on what we have agreed upon at the start, we shall arrive at a pause or a natural end to our work.

We will ensure, that you have sufficient resources to continue on your journey on your own or with the support of further resourcing from others. I take a holistic approach to health and well-being and I can offer suggestions towards healthy living more broadly. Complementary therapies and spiritual growth can often accompany healing, therapy or personal development. I have collaborated with osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and homeopaths as well as with medical doctors at GP practices, specialised clinics and hospitals.

I will be available to offer support and review in the future. If required, I can refer to other professionals from my diverse and invaluable professional networks.


Face-to-face work in Oxford and Kirtlington, UK (currently only online). I am also available on: Zoom, Facetime, and WhatsApp

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