(NHS staff and frontline workers dealing with the aftereffects of the pandemic – £50 per session).

For ongoing individual, couple and family therapy:

  1. Please send me an email with a brief outline of the problems and we will arrange a call for an informal discussion about possibly working together and whether I can be useful (free of charge).
  2. We will discuss how to work together during our introductory session, which will last 90 min and costs £75 For individual clients, £95 couples and families.
  3. If we agree to use the Systemic Constellations Work (SCW) approach, the sessions usually last 90 min and we may not have another session until you are ready, each session is £90 for individuals and £110 for couples and families.
  4. In weekly therapy, we might meet once or twice a week. Our sessions will last 50 min, and the cost is £55 for individuals and £80 for couples. Our sessions may also include Systemic Constellations Work but the price does not change.

There are special prices for people from some overseas countries, for the elderly and for people on low income. Please let me know if this applies to you.

For organisational work, coaching, and training, or for a workshop, please contact me to discuss the specific requirements and options on: and check:


Weekly therapy

£55 per 50 min session (if we work twice weekly, the price for the two sessions in total is £100). For couples and families the price is £80 per session and the sessions will be 60 min long. For families, please contact me to discuss the specific needs and arrangements.

Individual SCW session:

£90 per 90 min session, £110 for couples and families.

Introductory session:

£75 (90 min session) for individuals; £95 (90 min session) for couples and families.

Let’s work together to find a good way forward for you

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