About me

Only through understanding, feeling and integrating our strengths and vulnerabilities, and all our relationships and realms of activity, can we thrive.

Freeing ourselves from painful entanglements with people, communities, settings or situations, creates an opportunity for us to grow and create, to love deeply and care wholeheartedly about oneself, about others and the world.

How could we disentangle from toxic relationships, collectives or things? How could we thrive?

Everyone’s journey is unique but everyone can find a way. I will work with you so that you find your way and begin the journey.

I offer warm, respectful and non-judgemental understanding and a wide range of in-depth solutions. I will work with you in the way that best suits your needs and goals towards health and integrity. My expertise draws on the most effective experiential and academic traditions of psychotherapy and social and cultural anthropology.

Here are the key things I do:

  • Providing meaningful and empowering insights into complex problems, deep hurt and stressful or unbearable situations for individuals, couples and families;
  • Empowering you to heal, and to achieve your goals, and becoming whole, confident and inspired, staying with your vulnerabilities and translating these into strengths;
  • Drawing on robust academic research and clinical practice, and on my own extensive therapeutic experience – to design effective strategies for overcoming suffering and working towards your personal development goals;
  • Offering an insightful interdisciplinary approach, drawing on evidence-based achievements from different strands of psychotherapy (Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic, and Systemic), clinical psychology, organisational psychology, psychology of learning, neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology, social anthropology, sociology, management, leadership and education studies;
  • Reflexive and affective learning in the process of personal growth – as a therapist and as an anthropologist, some of my work is about various forms of learning, including learning about ourselves and others through our felt experiences. Employing our feelings and bodily sensations enriches our ways of knowing ourselves and the world around us. Emotions are key not only in our personal life but also at work. How do you feel and make sense of your emotions when you relate, work and learn? Feeling and reflecting on our feelings are central resources in both my work as a therapist and as an anthropologist.

Bringing together research and practice, social science and psychotherapy – for a deeper insight and sustainable solutions

My publications, which bridge anthropology and psychotherapy, include the co-edited volumes: Emotions in the Field (Stanford UP) and Anthropological Fieldwork – a Relational Process (Cambridge Scholars Press).

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