‘The Body Remembers’: Insight, Inner Resourcing and Healing

10.00h-18.00h, Sunday, 12th March, 2023

Facilitator: Didi Spencer

These workshop will offer insight and practical tools for:

  • Discovering and attending to what is in our hearts and minds, our nervous systems and our family or wider systemic contexts;
  • Understanding what stands behind our symptoms that pull us back from our intentions;
  • Finding out what our body remembers and which parts of ourselves get activated within certain contexts;
  • Identifying and getting to know our inner parts and finding out how to build connections with them; 
  • Freeing from traumatic entanglements with habits, people or places;
  • Taking a good enough direction and taking the next step in trauma healing;
  • Re-connecting with our inner strengths; 
  • Reaching truth, clarity and resilience;

We will work with whatever you bring and we will find ways through the challenges you experience, including past and present hurt or worries and relational entanglements (with people, places, things, habits, drugs, sex, health, money, work, etc.). We will explore what is, let go of the impossible and re-enforce the valuable. By embracing, connecting with and integrating some of our inner parts, we will work towards the desired change.

The Workshop will include some focus on how to build and nurture long-term relationships, on ways of holding (or lack of holding) between partners, mothers, fathers and siblings, and particularly on male identity and male influences in our lives – what does it mean to be a man nowadays, what have we inherited and still carry on from our fathers and grandfathers, and other male predecessors, and how do our ‘male’ and ‘female’ aspects interact to shape our ways of being?

The Systemic Constellations Method works with individual problems in a safe, super effective and inspiring group setting facilitated by me. I have facilitated groups and practiced this method through its various developments since 2005. It is the most reliable technique I have identified so far (in my 18 years of practicing psychotherapy) in resolving traumatic experiences and entanglements, troubling relationships, puzzling behaviours, physical symptoms and repeated patterns of trouble, anxiety or being stuck. I am now practicing it drawing on fresh insights from neuroscience findings and clinical trauma work (including somatic experiencing, inner family systems and sensorimotor psychotherapy). In addition to the practical work, I will also offer learning resources that can be employed beyond this workshop – in daily life and in healing or coaching work. 

Date: Sunday, 12th March 2023

Time: 10.00-18.00h with one hour break for lunch (you can bring packed lunch or go out).

Location: Oxford

I will email you further details following registration.

Registration: first, email me to see if there is availability and very briefly state your intention for the workshop and if you wish to attend one or both workshops, and which one; then, following confirmation, ask for payment details.

Price: £120 for a place as an issue holder; £65 for all other participants. I will consider discounts – just get in touch. There are only five places for issue holders each day. Places for other participants are limited too. You can take part with another person (discounts will apply) – your partner, other family members (for under 18s, please discuss with me in advance) or friends; therapists can attend with their clients. 

Contact: spencer.dimitrina@gmail.com or Tel./WhatsApp: 07590613752

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